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Is today’s online buyer frenzy causing you to question your digital marketing approach? Are you unsure what all this programmatic advertising buzz means for your business? Do you want to make the jump into programmatic but not sure how to start?

Have no fear – your Digital Advertising Sanity Check: Six Steps to B2B Programmatic Success is here!

Walk through a logical method to:

  • Learn what programmatic marketing is and why you should care
  • Segment your audience with the right set of online and offline data
  • Execute, test and measure your success with leading online technology

Coming to you from the leaders in B2B audience data Dun & Bradstreet in collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud, we’re pleased to offer you this six-step sanity checklist. It will help cut through the confusion and give you a “common data sense method” for making programmatic work for you and your audience.

Need audience answers fast? Contact Oracle’s Data Hotline, TheDataHotline@oracle.com

Dun & Bradstreet and Oracle Data Cloud
Dun & Bradstreet data is available in the BlueKai Marketplace, allowing you to optimize your creative around the right segment at the right time.

Restore my programmatic
peace of mind